Simple tips to keep your lungs healthy

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Why is it important to keep your lungs healthy?

Lungs are  an integral part of our body system. The proper functioning of the lungs is essential for breathing, supplying oxygen to the whole body and removing carbon dioxide from your body. Change in environment, dust, dirt, pollution and genetic factors are responsible for lung damage and may cause many respiratory issues. In case you face any discomfort while breathing, you must visit the best lung specialist near you


How can we keep our lungs healthy ?

Here are a few simple tips and tricks that on one must follow to keep the liver healthy:

Avoid smoking – It’s a well known fact that smoking kills. Smoke coming out of the cigarettes makes the breathing process difficult, destroys lung tissue and can lead to chronic bronchitis. It also causes inflammation in the affected area. 

Eating healthy – It is essential to have a healthy diet rich in nutrients like apples, green tea, pumpkin, oysters, olive oil etc. They are enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C which will boost the lung functioning and protect it from any kind of diseases. 

Exercising regularlyExercising regularly not just keeps your body agile but also helps in keeping your lungs healthy. Practicing yoga exercises that include diaphragmatic breathing and nasal breathing will help in improving the breathing capacity. 

Avoid getting exposed to pollution – Getting exposed to increased levels of pollutants in the air can cause uneasiness in breathing. It is important to keep a check on the pollution level in our area as it can impact your lungs directly. And since winters have come breathing problems become even more prominent because of increasing smog and pollution. 

Go for frequent checkups – It is essential that you pay a visit to your doctor for regular checkups. Detection of the problem in the initial stage will reduce the risk of spread further. Also proper medication will help you to recover on time.  


When do you need to see a doctor ?

Well frequent checkups are essential but when you feel breathlessness, pain or discomfort while breathing, unstoppable and constant cough then you should immediately rush to the best lung specialist near you


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