OMICRON – The “Variant Of Concern”

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Pandemic is a name that we started hearing at the end of 2019 and it changed our lives at the beginning of 2020. Amidst the lockdown, travel restrictions the virus kept on spreading among more people. Everyone thought that it is the end of the virus when the first wave ended but by the end of April 2021, the second wave of pandemics started spreading like wildfire. It majorly affected the chest and lung area which caused dropped the oxygen level. But soon, everyone was relieved as the vaccination drive started, till now in India around 39.5% of people out of the whole population of India are fully vaccinated. And when we thought it was all over a new variant has come up, known as Omicron. But what is it? Let’s talk about this in brief.

What is Omicron?

Omicron the new variant, which came in front of the world on 24th November 2021 first reported by South African scientists to the WHO. The name OMICRON was given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and they also classified it as a “Variant of Concern” on 26th November. In it didn’t take time to reach India also, the first cases of Omicron were confirmed on 2nd December in Karnataka and most cases have been detected in Maharashtra.

How much affecting is the New Variant (OMICRON)?

You must be feeling gloomy after hearing the news that the new variant Omicron cases have been started spreading in India. You must be thinking about how this new variant will affect us and what are the implications etc. It has been found that the Omicron variant replicates 70 times faster than the Delta in the airways, so does that mean it will affect your lungs 70 times faster than the Delta variant? The answer is not confirmed yet, but it has been assumed that the answer is no as it has been noticed that there are only mild infections among individuals and no sign of chest or lung infection till now.

Are There Any New Symptoms?

According to the sources, no major new symptoms have been noticed in the people of this new omicron variant, and no sign of chest or lungs infection. Assumptions have been made that the symptoms of the new variant can be noticed the same in the people as the earlier variant. Some of the most common symptoms of this deadly virus include sore throat, cough, fever, weakness, shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of taste, loss of smell, diarrhea.

If you notice any of these symptoms do not think twice and reach out to Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu who is one of the best pulmonologists in Delhi and Gurugram, with 10 years of experience in treating patients with respiratory diseases. Don’t wait for this variant to cause you serious damage, just take the best treatment from the best lung specialist near you. These are just normal symptoms as of now, but you never know when it will hit and can cause a major lung infection.

Precautionary Measures

The symptoms might not be severe but we have to understand that our safety is in our hands and we should all take these precautionary measures:-

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Get vaccinated if you haven’t till now
  • Wear a mask when going out
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Limit going out in crowdy places
  • Don’t ignore any type of illness (sore throat, chest pain, shortness of breath)


Most of the countries have started to take major precautions such as imposing curfews to avoid the situations that the world was facing in the second wave. India too has started some restrictions to monitor the spread of this new strain.

At the last, the whole point is that this new variant is spreading rapidly and we don’t have any idea how much damage it can cause in the near future. So, the people who have been already affected by the pandemic and have other lung or chest problems should stay extra cautious as the rate of spreading of this variant is pretty high for them.

Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu who is known as the best chest specialist doctor advises that one should maintain good hygiene and follow all the safety protocols to keep themselves safe and far from the virus.

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