Omicron affects people even after the vaccination

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How is omicron affecting people even after vaccination?

We had hardly recovered from the after-effects of the last variant, we are already hit again by a new South African variant which is spreading at a great pace. The number of people getting infected with this variant is soaring high on daily basis. The worst part is that this variant is even affecting people who have taken both doses of their vaccination. The variation has a high rate of mutation, thus affecting the vaccinated people also. 


What are the symptoms of omicron in vaccinated people?

Omicron is very different from other variants and is multiplying very fast in many people. Even after vaccination, symptoms of omicron are quite prevalent.

A few of these symptoms are : 

Fever – Mild fever or severe chills are very common symptoms of omicron. Regular fever is common but it is also a sign of omicron that has affected your body. 

Cough & cold – As per the study, cough & cold is a common omicron symptom quite prevalent in people who are fully vaccinated. 

Tiredness- Getting tired even after working for some time or working like before & getting more tired than usual, is also a symptom of omicron in people after getting vaccinated.

Headache – Although it can be a regular headache issue but don’t take it lightly, it might be because of omicron affecting vaccinated people

Night Sweats – Recent study has reported that omicron can also affect sleeping patterns leading to night sweats in various people. 

Body ache – Pain in the lower back, muscles, or entire body ache  is one of the symptoms visible in people suffering from omicron after getting vaccinated

Running nose – With changing weather, it is quite a common problem but at the same time, it is also one of the common symptoms of Omicron that one must take very seriously. 


What precautionary measures to follow if affected by omicron?

Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu is the best pulmonologist in Delhi. He says the first and the foremost thing a person must do is to get tested & isolate yourself so that the infection doesn’t affect other people. Secondly, take proper medications & in case of emergency immediately rush to the hospital. 


Why choose us?

If in case you see any of the above symptoms, immediately rush to the doctor. Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu is the best pulmonologist in Delhi and Gurugram. He has a wide experience of 10+ years. If in case you get infected with omicron he will guide you to encompass the problem. Dr. Satya takes extensive care of his patients to make them feel comfortable, deeply discusses their problems, and provides them the best treatment accordingly. 


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