Increased pollution level increases the risk of respiratory issues

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An overview

As per a report by WHO, Indian cities have seen an unexpected exponential increase in pollution especially post Diwali leading to a dip in oxygen levels. This has led to a humongous upsurge in the cases of various respiratory issues. Pollution level is soaring high, people are suffering from issues like breathlessness, allergies, cough, cold which targets our lungs and impacts the immune system. 


What precautions should a person take to avoid the risk of respiratory issues?

Here are some precautionary measures that you should take to avoid any respiratory issues:

Wear masks properly – The first and foremost important point to consider is to wear masks properly in a way so that it covers your mouth and nose completely. It is better to wear a medical mask for people above 60 years of age or those suffering from asthma. Also if suffering from respiratory issues because of cough, cold, sneezing, allergic reactions, or any other pulmonary diseases you should necessarily wear a mask even when inside the house. Also if you face any kind of respiration issues because of wearing a mask you should pay a visit to the best pulmonologist near you. 

Try to stay at home – If possible try not to step out and stay at home. This will keep you protected from the outside air. Also if are prone to any issues like cough, cold, sneezing, etc avoid contacting any other family member at home. 

Eat healthily – It is very important to take a balanced diet rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals like peas, apples, fish, oranges, green leafy vegetables, etc. should be inculcated in the diet to boost your immunity. Also, herbs and spices like roots of ginger help in improved functioning of the lungs  and  intake of fish oil, flax seed powder, and chia seeds will help in repairing the damaged cells 

Wash your hands properly – As we step outside and touch various objects we become more prone to dirt, dust, and germs which may enter our body through various channels like the mouth, nostrils, etc. So to protect yourself from any respiratory issues you need to constantly wash your hands and sanitize them as well. 


When to visit a doctor?

If you face breathlessness, pain in the chest area, dizziness while performing any activity, constant cough, cold or sneezing, etc it’s high time to rush to the best pulmonologist near you. You are at higher risk if you are already suffering from a  chronic lung disease like asthma. You should come in contact with the best pulmonologist to get the best respiratory issues treatment

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