How to treat nasal conjunction during winters

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An overview

There has been a sudden spike in the cases of nasal conjunction due to winter arrival and also because of an upsurge in pollution. Nasal congestion happens when there is the deposition of excess fluids in the nasal tissues and blood vessels causing swelling in the affected area. Nasal conjunction can occur in any person irrespective of any age or gender. 


What are the causes of nasal conjunction?

Nasal congestion in winters can be caused by direct exposure to chilly winds leading to coughing, cold, running nose, flu, or anything that irritates the nasal passages. Excessive alcohol consumption, allergy, stress, tobacco, or smoking are also the causes of the nasal conjunction. 


What are the remedies to treat nasal conjunction?

Here are a few remedies that will help in the treatment of nasal conjunction:

Consumption of fluids – It is necessary to drink plenty of water to keep the mucus thin and flush out the mucus easily out of your nose. Consumption of fluids like hot soup or tea help in opening the nasal airways, decreasing the nasal pressure. 


Bath with lukewarm or hot water – Try to bathe from lukewarm water or hot water. Set the temperature right so that you do not burn your face or body. It will help open up the nasal passages and provide you with relief for some time. 


Inhaling steam – Inhaling steam is an effective remedy suggested by many pulmonologists to treat nasal conjunction. The method involves inhaling steam from hot water in order to provide moisture inside the nose and open up your nasal pathways that will help in making the breathing process similar. Try following this process at least 2-3 times a day. 


Nasal exercises – There are various exercises that can be helpful in case of nasal conjunction. Some of these exercises are Anulom Vilom Pranayama, Kapalbharti, etc . They can help to reduce nasal conjunctions. 


Avoid things that trigger allergic reactions –  Everyone knows their body very well. So in the case of nasal conjunction avoid the things that trigger your allergy attacks. It is better to consult the best pulmonologist near you for treatment like immunotherapy. Consider talking to your doctor about immunotherapy, such as allergy shots. Use inhalers while boarding any flights to avoid any discomfort. 


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