Five alarming signs of sleep disorders!

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What are Sleep disorders? 

Sleep disorders: conditions that affect one’s sleep routine. There are various types of sleep disorders of them, including:

  • Being unable to fall asleep: Insomnia 
  • A tingling sensation in your legs leading to extreme daytime sleepiness
  • Irregular sleep-wake cycle.
  • Unusual sleep behaviours such as walking or talking

Did you know?

More than 100 million people worldwide of all ages are not getting adequate sleep. Of which about 70 million people suffer from sleep disorders.

What are the Symptoms of sleep disorder?

Various factors can contribute to sleep concerns, including:

  • Severe medical conditions (heart diseases, lung diseases and nerve disorders)
  • Mental illnesses (depression or anxiety)
  • Medicines
  • Genetics
  • Excessive Caffeine
  • Too much alcohol
  • An irregular schedule messing up biological clocks
  • Ageing
  • Light Sleepers
  • Physical Conditions (Ulcers)
  • Unusual Breathing patterns 
  • Discomfort while sleeping (Urge to move constantly)
  • Less attention span 
  • Have difficulty regulating emotions, managing responses and remembering

What are the five signs of sleep disorders?

There are a few alarming signs that you should get sleep disorder treatment near you. 

  1. Daytime drowsiness- Daytime sleepiness occurs with irregular sleep cycles and sleep routines. This makes one sleepy during the daytime and causes trouble falling asleep at night. This can be an early symptom of a sleep disorder that can make you grumpy and mentally exhausted.
  2. Sleepiness when driving- People Suffering from sleep issues tend to fall asleep at inappropriate times, such as while driving. Drowsiness when driving is not only unhealthy but unsafe as well. It is a hallmark of numerous sleep conditions, especially for people with daily driving routines.
  3. An discouraging partner or troubled home- An unhappy partner or a troubled home can cause issues since it’s keeping you up all night every night.
  4. Weight gain- Medical Studies show that weight gain can also cause an impact on one’s sleep. This can be a sign of a metabolic disruption. Sleep conditions raise insulin and diabetes levels.
  5. High Blood pressure- Elevated blood pressure can increase your risk of severe heart conditions 

How to Cure?

The first step of the cure is finding the right Medical advice that ensures trusted treatment with advanced technologies and Comprehensive care. 

There are different treatments in the case of sleep disorders depending on the kind of disorder. But, Routine medication and an improvement in lifestyle are a must to keep sleepless nights at bay. To diagnose the cause of your sleep disorders and any link to your respiratory system, a Pulmonologist like Dr. Satya (Chest and Lung specialist in Gurugram) will try to treat you thoroughly against the underlying disease causing this condition. 

How to get in touch?

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