Bronchitis is another common respiratory disorder that exists in the modern world. Again, the prime reasons can be pollution and the disrupted lifestyle of people. The disease is an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes that designed for carrying air to and from the lungs. According to Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu, one of the best chest specialists in South Delhi & Gurugram, people suffering from bronchitis can often be seen coughing up thick mucus which can be discolored as well. Moreover, bronchitis can be both acute or chronic, which is why an early diagnosis is highly recommended.

Type of Bronchitis:

Bronchitis can be branched out into two parts namely – ‘Acute or Chronic’. Acute bronchitis is very common that generally develops from a cold or any other respiratory infection. Whereas on the other hand, chronic bronchitis is a more serious condition, coming along with constant irritation or inflammation of the bronchial tubes. The major and most common reason for this disorder is smoking.

An expert pulmonologist like Dr. Satya claims acute bronchitis likely to get improve within a week to 10 days whereas one might require medical attention if suffering from the chronic one. Get a consultation today with us for getting the best and effective breathing problem remedies.

Symptoms of Bronchitis:

The signs and symptoms of both acute and chronic bronchitis are common. The list includes the following:

  • Production of mucus (Both colored & discolored)
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Mild fever and chills
  • Chest discomfort
  • Mild headache
  • Body ache

When to See a Good Pulmonologist?

Consult a professional and good dermatologist like Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu if your cough:

  • Lasts more than 3 weeks
  • Produces blood
  • Prevents you from sleeping
  • Is associated with shortness of breath
  • Generates discolored mucus

Causes of Bronchitis:

Acute bronchitis is caused by viruses that also result in colds and flu. Since antibiotics don’t have a great impact on viruses, thus medication often isn’t successful in most cases of bronchitis. Whereas, the most common cause of chronic bronchitis is cigarette smoking. Furthermore, air pollution and dust or toxic gases available in the environment can add-on to the condition.