An Insight On Allergy and Its Types

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Almost everyone is allergenic to something or the other. While some are familiar with the root cause, others stand on the opposite side. Describing briefly, whenever your body’s immune system witnesses something that acts as a harmful substance, it responds, causing the allergy to occur.

Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu, a professional pulmonologist claims allergies to be very common in people that are even easy to battle accordingly. All you need to do is follow basic guidelines that majorly talk about strict dos and don’ts, avoiding the allergy to take place. For enhancing your knowledge, substances that cause allergic symptoms are known as allergens.

In fact, there are numerous kinds of allergies that exist in the current world. While some are seasonal and year-round, others might be life-long. As per Dr. Satya, the best way to prevent an allergic reaction is to head for an expert consultation, understanding the root cause behind and thus avoiding it.

Let’s highlight some kinds of allergies that can affect you on a daily basis.

Drug Allergy

The symptoms of allergy occur in only a small number of people due to drugs (medicines). To be precise, most of the drug reactions are not allergic. Rather they are side-effects due to the properties of the medicines. Thus if you are facing any one of these, a quick consultation is the solution from a professional pulmonologist like Dr. Satya. Though, the diagnosis behind the cause of reaction depends upon the patient’s symptoms and history accordingly.

Insect Allergy

Were you familiar with the fact that even stinging insects can cause an allergic reaction? If not, then surprise yourself as it’s irrefutably true. Insects, especially the stinging ones like bees, wasps, yellow jackets, fire ants, and hornets are known for causing allergies amongst people. But that doesn’t mean non-stinging insects can’t cause allergic reactions as they can. The most common are cockroaches and insects like dust mite. Such allergens can be fatal, resulting in asthma as well.

Mold & Pollen Allergy

Mold and Pollen are two kinds of allergies that have turned out to be most common in today’s time. Talking about mold allergy, they are fungi that are usually responsible for throttling the symptoms of allergy. Since fungi grow both indoors and outdoors, there’s a high chance of getting affected by it on a regular phase. So, be aware.

Whereas pollen is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. In fact, many people know pollen allergy as ‘Hay Fever’ while experts term it as ‘Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis’.

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